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fScan Reference Manual, Chapter 2 (CmdLineOptions): InVivo

Table InVivo -- Special case InVivo data tables


  • -table invivo studytable 1 studiesdir tbldir serage examage sernum
  • -table invivo studytable 2 studiesdir tbldir outdir flag [wdf] [ndays] [minseries]
  • -table invivo studytable 3 studiesdir tbldir outdir flag [wdf] [ndays] [minseries]

The TABLE INVIVO command performs customized manipulations on data tables describing MRI exam and scan data sets processed on InVivo's DynaSuite workstations. This command expects an existing table for its STUDYTABLE argument with a predefined structure (described below). For each separate study (row) in STUDYTABLE it will automatically create/read/modify an image series table (described below) unique to that study.

STUDYTABLE is the name of the data table being manipulated. In general this table should already exist (i.e., created by a previous Table command).

Mode 1 - find recently modified studies and update series tables

Look through STUDIESDIR to find series with DICOM files.
Consider only studies with StudyDir or StudyDir/DCM-Input modified within last NDAYS.
Find first DICOM file for each series to get patname, ID, date, time, etc fields

Mode 2 - create local BXH header files for each series in qualifying studyies

For each series, created DICOM file table, sort by imgnum, then create BXH file.

Mode 3 - copy local data to OUTDIR for qualifying studies

For each qualifying study, copy BXH files to 4D format in new study dir


  • 1 - create WDF file (assumed if WDF specified)
  • 2 - deidentify name,patid
  • 4 - remove dates
  • 8 - don't include NQ axial (series 53)
  • 16 - don't include DTI orig images
  • 32 - include Result series 500-799
  • 64 - include float 800 series
  • 128 - include integer 900 series
  • 256 - include all NQ series
  • 512 - testing – don't create/copy files

Study table format: 1 row per scan session

Column description:

  • 0 - study found, no series table yet
  • 1 - study has been modified
  • 2 - series table updated
  • 3 - Local BXH file for each DICOM series
  • 4 - Local WDF updated
  • 8 - Images transferred to remote disk 4D BXH's
  • 16 - Functional maps generated
  • 32 - DTI tracking done
  • 1024 - study in table but server data directory missing
  • 2048 - study in table but scan name/date/time info missing

Series table format -- Created automatically for each study in Study Table

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