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CIGAL Reference Manual, Chapter 1 (Topics): arrays

Arrays -- Data tables controlling various device dependent values.

Arrays are little databases filled with information determined by you, and are at you and your scripts' disposal. Each piece of information in the database is stored in what is called an “element” of the array (basically, it serves as a storage list of manipulated data in such a way so as to allow one to find each specific data piece's manipulation).

Several internal data arrays are used to give the user access to various device dependent data values. These arrays are predefined by CIGAL but are otherwise used in just the same manner as user-defined arrays (see [VARIABLES](1)). The internally defined arrays are identified by numbers and must therefore be specified with the special array character, '^', in order to distinguish them as arrays. The internal arrays are summarized below. Note that the arrays described on the first 15 lines are tables stored in a peripheral image processor device, and are only defined if an appropriate image processor is present. Arrays 20 through 30 provide access to tables in the computer's video hardware and are again only defined if your system has the relevant hardware.

[Note: the following arrays are defined for IBM-compatible PC's using DOS]

 NAME                  LENGTH MEANING
^0,100,200,... 1500    256    8-bit Red display lookup tables
^1,101,201,... 1501    256    8-bit Green display lookup tables
^2,102,202,... 1502    256    8-bit Blue display lookup tables
^3,103,203,... 1503    256    Red, Green, AND Blue 8-bit display luts
^4,104,204,... 1504    768    Red THEN green THEN blue 8-bit display luts

^10,110,210,...  3110  256    8-bit Red input lookup tables
^11,111,211,...  3111  256    8-bit Green input lookup tables
^12,112,212,...  3112  256    8-bit Blue input lookup tables
^13,113,213,...  3113  256    Red, Green, AND Blue 8-bit input luts
^14,114,214,...  3114  768    Red THEN green THEN blue 8-bit input luts

^15,115                4096   12-bit Red input lookup tables
^16,116                4096   12-bit Green input lookup tables
^17,117                4096   12-bit Blue input lookup tables
^18,118                4096   Red, Green, AND Blue 12-bit input luts
^19,119               12288   Red THEN green THEN blue 12-bit input luts

^20                    256    VGA red display lookup table
^21                    256    VGA green display lookup table
^22                    256    VGA blue display lookup table
^23                    256    VGA Red, Green, AND Blue input lookup tables
^24                    768    VGA red green and blue lookup table
                                  (768 bytes in groups of 3:
                                   red byte, green byte, blue byte)

^30                    16     EGA 16 color lookup table

^98                    7      screen text display color lookup table
^99                    256    vector 256 byte color lookup table

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