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CIGAL Reference Manual, Chapter 1 (Topics):General descriptions of different CIGAL topics

Chapter 1 -- Contents

Arithmetic Introduction to data manipulation
Arrays Various tables controlling device dependent data values
ASCII_Codes Keyboard and mouse key codes used in CIGAL
Background Running CIGAL in background while running other software
Begin General introduction to using online help for CIGAL
CIGAL General overview of the CIGAL programming language
ColorsColor formats and conventions
Commands Introduction to CIGAL commands
Compiler Compiling CIGAL macro programs
Customize How to create new commands
Dataentry Entering data into CIGAL variables
Devices Hardware devices supported by CIGAL
EditgraphButton functions
EdithelpHelp editing
EgamodeEGA graphics mode
Filenames Specifying filenames in CIGAL
Files Creating, reading, and writing disk files
Funcmenu Using the function menu
Functions Introduction to CIGAL functions
Graphics Introduction to CIGAL graphics features
Graphmenu Using the graphics menu
Imaging Introduction to CIGAL image processing features
Install How to install CIGAL on your computer
Internals Summary list of internal variables
Introduction Getting started in CIGAL
Keyboard Using special characters on the terminal keyboard
Macros Introduction to CIGAL macro programming
MakemenuCreating a CIGAL Command Menu
Menus Introduction to CIGAL menus
Names Internally defined command and variable names
NewdeviceAdding a New Device
Newmenu How to create new menus
Numbers Using numbers in CIGAL
Operators Special symbols used for CIGAL's arithmetic/logical operations
Parser The command line interpreter
Physiology Recording physiological data
Preprocessor Introduction to CIGAL's command preprocessor
PrlistPrinter control strings:
Redirect How to send command output to a disk file or printer
Startup CIGAL's start-up sequence
Strings Using character strings in CIGAL
Subscripts Using subscripts to identify part of a variable
Syntax Guidelines for how to enter CIGAL commands
Variables Introduction to CIGAL variables
Windows How to change the size of the cursor and display windows
VgamodeVGA graphics mode

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