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CIGAL Reference Manual, Chapter 1 (Topics): editscreen

Editscreen --

To use the Editor to modify the display screen in text mode:

  Add text by typing, it will appear at the current cursor position.
  Change the cursor position with the arrow keys or move mouse and click.

The following keys have special meanings:

  INSERT: Toggle between "insert" and "overwrite" modes
  DELETE: Delete marked text
  F1: Print this help message
  F2: Set attribute of block
  F3: Set attribute of block
  F6: Set attribute of block
  F8: Draw line in marked block
  F10: Leave the editor

Change text attribute by clicking intensity to the right of “SETTEXT”. Change background attribute by clicking intensity to the right of “SETBCK”. Change the line drawing character by clicking to the right of “SETLINE”.

Manipulate a block of text with the mouse. First, mark upper left corner with Double Left click. Then move cursor and end with:

  Double Right click:   Move the block
  DELETE:               Erase the block
  Double Left click:    Copy the block
  F2:                   Change the intensity (color) of the block
  ESC:                  Cancel block
  F8:                   Draw a line along the long edge of the box,
                        using the current line drawing character.

Note: The current saved text and background attributes and the current line drawing character are displayed at “COLOR” on the menu bar. Press any key to return to editor

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