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CIGAL Reference Manual, Chapter 1 (Topics): internals

Internals -- Internal Variables

The following is a brief summary of the internal variables CIGAL uses to control various aspects of its operation. These variables are described in chapter 4 of the CIGAL User's Manual (see AFLAGS(4)).

In this table, the TYPE entry indicates the data type for each variable: Number (N), Character String (S), String List (SL), Array (A), Matrix (M), Image (I), Vector (V), Vector List (VL), Pointer (P)

==== ==== =======
aflags N Flag controlling arithmetic options
barleng N Default length of SKETCH calibration bar
bitmask N not used
calbar N not used
camera N Camera select for image processor digitizer
cgain N Image processor camera gain
cmdlin S DOS arguments to CIGAL when the program was started
coffset N Image processor camera offset
cpuspeed N CPU processing speed in MHz (approx.)
ctrap S Command string to be executed upon <Control>-C
cursor N Flag controlling cursor options
cursval N not used
cursx N Current X postition of cursor
cursy N Current Y postition of cursor
dac0 N Value of 1st D/A converter if present
dac1 N Value of 2nd D/A converter if present
datadir S Template for names of numbered file variables
debug N Flag controlling debugging options
drawkeys S
editor S Name of file editor to use with ED command
flags N Flag controlling runtime options
fmenu SL Srings defining Function keys and mouse buttons
freestack N Amount of free stack remaining
getx N Get new X postition of cursor
gety N Get new Y postition of cursor
gflags N Flag controlling graphics options
gplane N Current graphics memory plane
hdrtxt S Text stored in header block of file variables
helpfile S Name of CIGAL help file (includes error messages)
ibase N Default base for numerical input (usually 10)
iflags N Flag controlling image processor options
iplane N Current image processor memory plane
keybd N Get a character from the keyboard
lastvec N Highest vector number created in VECS
lcolor N Line color value for drawing vectors
lpat N Line pattern value for drawing vectors (not used)
lwidth N Line width value for drawing vectors (has bugs)
margsize N Width of graphics screen including menu margin
menufile S
menuflag N Flag controlling which screen menu is active
nargs N Number of arguments for current macro program
nvecs N Number of active vectors in VECS
obase N Number base for TYPE output (usually 10)
outlun N Unit number for standard output (1 = CRT screen)
path S List of directories to search for macros and menus
penwidth N How many drawn lines per vector line (usually 1)
prompt S Current command prompt message
prpage N Number of pages per printer page
quitstr S Command string to be executed when quitting CIGAL
sflags N Flag controlling SKETCH options
simage P
stack A LONG array for direct access to internal stack
state N Flag indicating current execution state
sysdir S Name of CIGAL system directory
tablet N Flag controlling digitizing tablet options
unit N Current active device
vdata P
vdatfil S
version N Current CIGAL version number
vecfil S Name of temporary file used for VECS
vecs P Pointer to a file vector list (VL) containing the list of active display vectors
vimage P Pointer to matrix or image variable in which to draw active graphics vectors
vmode N Current video mode
vplane N Current video plane
xmarg N Width of graphics menu margin
zimage P Pointer to matrix or image variable in which to draw depth map (Z-values) of active graphics vectors
zvalue N Default Z value for creating vectors

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