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CIGAL Reference Manual, Chapter 1 (Topics): edithelp

Edithelp -- Help editing

To use the Editor:

  Add information by typing, it will appear at the current cursor position.
  Change the cursor position with the arrow keys or mouse.

The following keys have special meanings:

  INSERT:    Toggle between "insert" and "overwrite" modes
  DELETE:    Delete character at cursor, or marked text
  BACKSPACE: Delete character to the left of the cursor
  F1: Print this help message
  F2: Set Search string
  F3: Substitute (F2+F3 to set substitute string)
  F4: Pick-Up/Put-Down marked text
  F5: Set/Reset text mark
  F6: Delete current word
  F7: Delete current line
  F8: Jump to line ('-' for last line)
  F9:  Save file
  F10: Leave the editor
  PAGEUP:    Jump back 1 page
  PAGEDOWN:  Jump forward 1 page
  <Keypad+>: Search forward
  <Keypad->: Search backward
  ESC: Cancel current function; Undo recent changes

Manipulate a block of text with the mouse. First, mark upper left corner with Double Left click. Then move cursor and end with:

  Double Right click: Move the block
  DELETE: Erase the block
  Double Left click: Copy the block
  F4: Pick up the block
  ESC: Cancel block

For help on other topic enter topic name; Otherwise <Enter> or click cursor

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