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CIGAL Reference Manual, Chapter 1 (Topics): names

Names -- Prefined Names

CIGAL recognizes hundreds of different words as either data variables or commands. Some variables and commands are internally defined, others are user-defined.

The program looks for the meaning of each word entered in a command line by a 4-step process checking:

      1) the list of DEFINE'd names
      2) the list of internally declared variables
      3) the list of user-declared variables
      4) the list of internally defined commands and functions.

In the first 3 of these steps only exact matches are accepted, but CIGAL will recognize any unambiguous abbreviations (of 2 or more letters) for command or function names.

The following is a list of CIGAL's internally defined words organized by command or variable type. The names in this list should normally be treated as reserved words and therefore should not be used as names for variables or macro programs. (It is possible, however, to change the meaning of any reserved word by using the DEFINE command.) These names are listed in alphabetical order.

    accept         acos           adjust         aflags         alarm
    align          alog           analyze        angle          arc
    area           array          asin           axis           barleng
    bin            bitmask        block          box            break
    byte           calbar         call           camera         cgain
    circle         close          cmdlin         coffset        compile
    compress       convolve       copy           core           correlate
    cos            cpuspeed       ctrap          cursor         cursval
    cursx          cursy          cylinder       dac0           dac1
    datadir        debug          declare        default        define
    delete         digitize       directory      edit           editor
    ellipse        else           erase          errors         execute
    file           fill           filter         findvec        flags
    flip           fmenu          format         freestack      freeze
    frequency      ftype          getchar        getvec         getx
    getxy          gety           getz           gflags         global
    goto           gplane         hdrtxt         help           helpfile
    histogram      ibase          idiv           if             iflags
    image          initialize     input          integer        invert
    ipalu          iplane         ipwait         journal        keybd
    label          lastvec        lcase          lcolor         length
    line           link           list           log            long
    lpat           lwidth         macro          maklut         manual
    map            margin         margsize       mask           matmul
    matrix         max            mean           measure        menu
    menuflag       min            mode           nargs          next
    number         nvecs          obase          offset         open
    outlun         output         overlay        paint          path
    peak           penwidth       pin            plot           pointer
    portio         prepro         printer        prompt         prpage
    putvec         quit           quitstr        ramp           random
    read           real           redraw         release        rem
    return         roam           rotate         round          run
    sample         scale          search         sflags         shift
    show           sin            size           sketch         smooth
    solid          sort           spawn          sphere         sqrt
    stack          state          stats          stdev          stretch
    string         substitute     sum            sysdir         sysint
    tablet         terminal       text           tile           time
    track          type           ucase          unit           user1
    user2          user3          vecfile        vecs           vector
    version        view           vimage         vmode          vplane
    vwidth         wait           warp           while          write
    xmarg          xor            zimage         zmap           zoom
    !              !=             &              &=             (
    )              *              **             **=            *=
    +              ++             +=             -              --
    -=             /              //             //=            /=
    <              <=             =              ==             >
    >=             >>             >>=            [              ]
    {              |              |=             }              ]

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