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CIGAL Reference Manual, Chapter 4 (Topics): prlist

Prlist -- Printer control strings:

 0  Initialize/Reset for text
 1  End of page
 2  Initialize/Reset for graphics
 3  End of graphics
 4  Transfer text data <NumBytes>            ; followed by <Data>
 5  Transfer graphics data <NumBytes>        ; followed by <Data>
 6  Set cursor position <X> <Y>
 7  Select color/pattern <N>
 8  Draw dot
 9  Transfer dot data <Numbytes>
10  Move to point <X> <Y>
11  Draw to point <X> <Y>
12  Underline On
13  Underline Off
14  Bold ON
15  Bold Off
16  Italic On
17  Italic Off
18  Shift halfline up (for superscripts)
19  Shift halfline down (for subscripts)
20  Select font <Str>
21  Font size <N>
22  Pitch (CPI) <N>
23  Create new font   ??
24  Download Font Character <ASCII_Code> <NumBytes>   ; followed by <Data> 

Note: ASCII codes 1-3 are used for argument position (+04 if character string argument). For example, Set_Cursor_Position (string #6) takes 2 values, X and Y; the corresponding code for a HP Laserjet printer would be:


where the \001 and \002 characters will be replaced by the ASCII codes for the X and Y positions, respectively.

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