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CIGAL Reference Manual, Chapter 1 (Topics): filenames

Filenames -- Using Filenames

Whenever you specify a filename you should keep two things in mind.

First, it is always safest to use quotation marks around a filename in case the name conflicts with some other variable name or internally defined CIGAL name; quotation marks normally won't be necessary, however, if you are just referring to a file in the current directory.

Second, if you enter a pathname that includes any characters besides letters, numbers, '_', and '.' then you MUST put quotation marks around the filename. You should also remember that the '\' character is used as a string special character by CIGAL, so where it appears it must be entered twice. This is especially important when running on DOS, which uses '\' as a directory delimiter. For example, to list the file, C:\barb\ndat3, you enter:

          list 'c:\\barb\\ndat3'

This is because CIGAL interprets \b and \n as backspace and newline characters, but it interprets
as the \ DOS character (see STRINGS(1)).

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