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CIGAL Reference Manual, Chapter 2 (Commands): COPY

COPY -- Copy one file to another

usage: copy infile outfile flag blocksize

The COPY command copies one file to another. FLAG options allow you to specify whether the operation should just copy the entire file without change, or if text substitutions should be performed (preprocessing options). Preprocessing can only be performed on text files (not binary data files).

FLAG options can be combined by adding the following values:

 FLAG:   1 - preprocess: DEFINE substitutions
         2 - preprocess: INCLUDE files
         4 - preprocess: DEFINE but don't change all to lower case
         8 - confirm before overwriting file
        16 - don't overwrite existing flag 

In preprocessing, DEFINE substitutions will replace text strings that have previously been specified using a DEFINE command. Normally, define strings and their aliases are all converted to lower case, so they will be recognized in either upper or lower case in the input file. If you select not to change case (FLAG 4), the define string must be lower case in the input file to be recognized.

INCLUDE preprocessing is only recognized by the COPY command (it is not a normal CIGAL command). If you choose INCLUDE preprocessing, lines in the input file of the form:

include  filename

will be replaced by the contents of the named file. Each line of the included file will be preprocessed according to the FLAG options. INCLUDE commands can be nested 4 files deep.

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