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CIGAL Reference Manual, Chapter 2 (Commands):Descriptions of individual commands

Chapter 2 -- Contents

AlarmSet a timer to execute a command string after a delay
Animatedisplay a series of pictures in rapid succession
Argshiftshift command line arguments in a CIGAL macro program
Axisdraw a coordinate axis for a graph or histogram
Boxdraw a box (2-d)
Breakbreak out of a loop of conditional code
Callexecute a device-dependent function
Chdirchange the current working directory
Circledraw a circle
Closeclose an open file or data channel
Compilecompile a CIGAL macro program to speed up execution
Comwritewrite data to a serial communication port
Copycopy one file to another
Declarecreate a new data variable
Defaultset default values for arguments to a macro command
Definedefine a word or function to be expanded by the preprocessor
Deletedelete a disk file, or remove a loaded menu or macro entry
Digitizedigitize an image from the video camera input
Directorydisplay a list of disk files
Dmreadread a multi-format data management file
Dmwritewrite to a multi-format data management file
Dumpprint the contents of a variable in an easy-to-reload format
Editedit a disk file, data variable, or image
Ellipsedraw an ellipse
Elsestart the second block of conditional code in an IF/ELSE test
Eraseerase all or part of the display
Executeexecute a character string as a CIGAL command line
FFTperform a fast Fourier transform on a variable
Fillfill a larger variable with many copies of a smaller variable
Fontload a character font
Freezemake current display parameters permanent
Ftypeformatted version of the TYPE command
Gotojump to a specified line label within a CIGAL macro program
Griddraw a grid on the display screen
Helpprint out information about how to use commands
Histogramdraw a histogram (or smooth curve) of a data array
Ifconditional test within a CIGAL macro program
Initializeselect and initialize the input or display devices
Inputread graphics image from stored vector file
Journaldisplay or re-execute previous commands
Labelmark the target of a jump from a GOTO statement
Linedraw a line
Listdisplay a text file or macro
Loadtransfer values from an array to separate number variables
Macroload a macro program into CIGAL's system macro library
Manualformat HELP information in a form suitable for printing
Menuload, activate, or inactivate command menus
Nextjump back to the top of a WHILE or REPEAT loop
Offsetshift a variable along the X, Y, and/or Z axes
Openopen a disk file or assign an open file to a data channel
Outputwrite graphics data to a vector file
Paintpaint a region of the screen
Pictureread a Macintosh picture file
Pinset the stationary point for rotation or scaling
Plotplot one variable against another
Portioread or write to one of the PC's I/O ports
Printsend a file or data variable to the printer
Quitterminate CIGAL
Readread data from disk file into a CIGAL variable
Realtimeexecute a program using the real-time processor
Redrawredraw all or part of an image
ReleaseunDECLARE a data variable, releasing any associated memory
Repeatexecute a block of commands more than once
Resourceread or write data
Returnterminate a CIGAL macro program or subroutine
Roammove the image position in the X-Y plane (pan and scroll)
Rotaterotate a variable around the X, Y, and/or Z axes
Rtclockcontrol a real-time clock counter
Runexecute a CIGAL macro program
Scalescale a variable along the X, Y, and/or Z axes
Scannerread data using image scanner
Showdisplay the status of various aspects of CIGAL
Sketchuse the cursor to enter graphics data
Socketperform I/O via a network socket
Soundrecord or playback sound data
Splineredraw a vector list as a smooth curve between fixed points
Stretchinteractively adjust lookup table (e.g. to enhance contrast)
Surfaceconstruct surfaces from vector contours
Synchset command execution to be synchronized by external events
Sysintexecute an operating system interrupt call
Textput text on screen or into an image or graphics variable
Typedisplay messages and/or the values of data variables
User1reserved for local use
User2reserved for local use
User3reserved for local use
Viewselect which memory plane(s) to display
Waitwait for a specified amount of time or until user input
Watchdisplay data variable on the screen with continuous updating
Whileexecute a conditional loop of commands
Writewrite data from a CIGAL data variable to a disk file
ZscanConvert 2-D data to 3-D data using data value as Z position

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