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CIGAL Reference Manual, Chapter 2 (Commands): TEXT

TEXT -- Put text on screen or into an image or graphics variable

usage: text textstring icolr vecpos size width angle bckcolr savflg memflg
or: text textstring icolr xpos ypos size width angle bckcolr savflg memflg

TEXT allows you to place character text in a graphics image. The text information in argument TEXTSTRING can be as short as a single character, or it can be many lines of text. The location within the image where you wish the text to be placed is indicated by a VECTOR argument (VECPOS), by specifying the X and Y coordinates (XPOS and YPOS), or by moving the cursor if the VECPOS argument is missing (-).

The SIZE argument specifies both the character size and also whether to center the text string at the chosen location. The character size is in multiples of the smallest character. Centering is indicated by a negative size. For example, SIZE = 1 (the default) indicates small uncentered text. SIZE = -2 indicates double the normal size, and centered at VECPOS.

ANGLE can be used to rotate the text characters (ANGLE is in degrees).

SAVFLG indicates whether to just draw the text or to also save it in the current vector graphics list (default = 0, don't save in VECS).

MEMFLG can be used to select which device to draw the text on, if more than one display device is present (default = GUNIT) (see INITIALIZE(2)).

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