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CIGAL Reference Manual, Chapter 2 (Commands): digitize

digitize -- Digitize an image from the video camera input

usage: digitize buffer shift mode

DIGITIZE reads data from the video camera and stores it in image MEMNUM. The function of the DIGITIZE command may vary depending upon the capabilities of your image acquisition hardware. Assuming the hardware is capable, the arguments to DIGITIZE have the following meanings:

    Image memory to receive the digitized data.

    If SHIFT is positive, then DIGITIZE performs signal averaging by adding
    2**SHIFT frames and dividing each pixel by 2**SHIFT (default: SHIFT = 0).

    If SHIFT is negative then a running average image is digitized with a time
    constant = -SHIFT. (Time constants between 1 and 16 are recommended)

    MODE is a flag controlling the steps in the digitizing process:
       0   Digitize until you type a character on the keyboard (default)
       1   Digitize and return immediately skipping the interactive step
      -1   Start the digitizer and leave it running

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