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CIGAL Reference Manual, Chapter 2 (Commands): rotate

rotate -- Rotate a variable around the X, Y, and/or Z axes

usage: rotate pointer xdeg ydeg zdeg [ rotorder ]

ROTATE prepares a variable to be rotated by XDEG, YDEG, and ZDEG degrees around the X, Y, and Z axes. POINTER is the data variable you wish to ROTATE (see POINTER(3)). If the POINTER argument is omitted, ROTATE assumes the vector image pointer VECS (see VECS(4)). If 1 or 2 of the angle arguments are omitted, the current rotation angles for the missing arguments are preserved.

If all arguments are omitted, ROTATE waits for you to interactively specify 2 vector positions on the screen, relative to the pinned rotation origin (see PIN(2)). In this case, the transform is set to rotate VECS around the Z axis first, and then the X axis (ROTORDER=49 – see below) as though to make the first vector point along the direction of the second vector.

When rotating about more than 1 axis, the order in which the rotations are performed makes a difference. By default, the ROTATE command rotates first around the X axis, then Y, then Z. You can change the rotation order by specifying the ROTORDER argument.

This is a flag with 32-bit fields:


where AA is the 1st, BB the 2nd, and CC the 3rd rotation axes. For each axis, 0 is X, 1 is Y, and 2 is Z. Thus, the normal default rotation order is X then Y then Z, and IFLAG is: 0 1 2 → 00 01 10 → 000110b → 6.

Note: ROTATE only sets up the variable for rotation; the effect of ROTATE will not normally be seen until after you REDRAW or TRANSFORM the variable (see REDRAW(2) and TRANSFORM(3)).


 1)        rotate vecs 0 0 90       ; set rotation of variable VECS
           redraw                   ; show rotated vector image
 2)        rotate 30 30 0           ; set VECS rotation about X and Y axes
 3)        declare image img1       ; declare an image variable, IMG1
           declare pointer ptr      ; declare a pointer variable, PTR
           img1 = @0(0:199,0:199)   ; copy part of screen image to IMG1
           ptr = pointer(img1)      ; set PTR as pointer to IMG1
           pin ptr 100 100 0        ; fix the rotation origin in center
           rotate ptr 0 0 45        ; set rotation about Z axis
           scale ptr 2 2 1          ; set scale parameters
           @0 = transform(ptr)      ; load transformed image onto screen

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