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CIGAL Reference Manual, Chapter 2 (Commands): MANUAL

MANUAL -- Format HELP information in a form suitable for printing

usage: manual subject [linenumber] (to print out help information)
or: manual entrynumber (to print the ENTRYNUMBERth entry in the help file)

The MANUAL command is virtually identical to the HELP command, except that a header is printed at the top of each page. MANUAL is intended to be used for printing HELP topics in a form suitable for a generating a printed user's manual.

MANUAL finds information in the help file either by topic name or by entry number. Specifying entries by number is a useful way of printing many help entries in succession. To print entries by entry number, MANUAL's first argument must be an explicit number, or an expression that evaluates to a number. A number variable on its own will be treated as a topic name.

If MANUAL can find the specified entry it returns the value 0 in number register 0 (#0). If MANUAL cannot find the entry it returns -1 in #0.

The following example illustrates how to print the entire manual:

        #1 = 0
        while(1) {
                manual #1++             ; #1++ is treated as an expression
                if(#0 < 0) return

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