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CIGAL Reference Manual, Chapter 2 (Commands): RUN

RUN -- Execute a CIGAL macro program

usage: run macroname [arg1 arg2 …]
or: macroname [arg1 arg2 …]

The RUN command executes a CIGAL macro program (see MACROS(1)). Because any unrecognized command is assumed to be the name of a macro program, the explicit RUN command is practically never used. It is included primarily in case you want to pass the name of a macro in a string variable.

                      or macroname.cmp

This file is looked for in the directories specified by the character string variable PATH.

ARG1, ARG2, etc. are arguments whose meaning is determined by the macro file itself (see the DEFAULT command). These arguments are available to commands within the macro file, as $n (where n is the argument number).

NOTE: For more help on using any particular macro program type:

                help macroname

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