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CIGAL Reference Manual, Chapter 4 (Variables): path

Path -- String variable of directories to search for macros and menus

usage: path = string

PATH, a character string variable, defines internally which disk directories to search through when looking for CIGAL macro files or menu files. PATH is homologous to the UNIX or DOS PATH environment variables. Individual directory pathnames are separated by the '|' character. The current directory is indicated by a null entry.

For example, if the PATH string is:

        path = '|c:\\imp\\|c:\\cigalsys\\'

then naming a macro or menu will cause CIGAL to search 3 directories. Therefore a command like:

        menu testmenu

searches, in order, for a file named:

        testmenu.mnu                    (in the current directory)

The first of these that is found will be used. (The .MNU suffix is added)

NOTE: Each directory name in PATH includes the final '\' character. This lets CIGAL simply append filenames to directory names to find files. Also, remember that to get a '\' character into an CIGAL string you must enter it as '\\' because the backslash is used as a special character in strings, as in the C language (see STRINGS(1)).

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