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CIGAL Reference Manual, Chapter 4 (Variables): Contents

Chapter 4 -- Descriptions of internally defined variables

The following is a brief summary of the internal variables CIGAL uses to control various aspects of its operation.

Aflagsinteger variable controlling arithmetic options
Alevelinteger variable controlling current alarm level
Aspectreal variable containing screen aspect ratio
Bitmaskinteger variable specifying image memory bitplane mask
Calbarreal variable containing length of SKETCH calibration bar
Calfactreal variable containing SKETCH calibration factor
Camerainteger variable controlling the video camera input channel
Cgaininteger variable controlling the video camera gain
Chkkeyinteger pseudo-variable for checking status of key I/O
Chrhgtinteger variable specifying height of text character in pixels
Chrwidinteger variable specifying width of text character in pixels
Clockinteger pseudo-variable for counting ticks of the system clock
Cmdlinstring variable containing startup command line
Cmdprogstring variable containing CIGAL executable file
Coffsetinteger variable controlling the video camera offset
Com1integer variable controlling first serial I/O port
Com2integer variable controlling second serial I/O port
Cpuspeedreal variable containing effective CPU speed
Ctrapstring variable containing commands to be executed upon Ctrl-C
Curdirthe current working directory name
Cursorinteger variable controlling cursor options
Cursxinteger pseudo-variable for reading current cursor Xposition
Cursyinteger pseudo-variable for reading current cursor Y position
Datadirstring variable containing filename template for data files
Dayinteger pseudo-variable containing current month and day
Debuginteger variable controlling printing of diagnostic messages
Dflagsinteger variable controlling disk I/O options
Digiointeger pseudo-variable specifying value of digital i/o port
Diskhiinteger variable identifying last data disk
Disklointeger variable identifying first data disk
Drawkeysstring variable specifying SKETCH lookup table for cursor keys
Editorstring variable specifying editor program to execute for EDIT
Freestacklong pseudo-variable containing total free stack space
Getxinteger pseudo-variable for reading cursor Xposition
Getyinteger pseudo-variable for reading cursor Y position
Gflagsinteger variable controlling vector graphics options
Gplaneinteger variable specifying image processor plane for graphics
Gunitinteger variable specifying device to use for graphics
Hdrbarinteger variable specifying pixel height of window header bar
Helpfilestring variable specifying pathname of CIGAL help file
Himembaselong variable specifying high memory page base address
Himemflagsinteger variable specifying high memory options
Himemfreelong variable amount of unused high memory space in bytes
Himemsizeinteger variable specifying size of expanded memory in Kbytes
Hourinteger pseudo-variable containing current hour and minute
Hplaneinteger variable specifying screen page to use for HELP output
Hstacklong array providing access to expanded memory (HIGH) stack
Ibaseinteger variable controlling default number base for input
Iflagsinteger variable controlling image processor options
Iplaneinteger variable specifying active image processor memory
Keyrdinteger pseudo-variable reads a key from keyboard or cursor
Lastvecinteger variable
Lcolorinteger variable specifying graphics line drawing intensity
Lpatinteger variable specifying graphics line drawing pattern
Lpt100integer variable associated with printer port data register
Lpt101integer variable associated with printer port
Lpt102integer variable associated with printer port
Lwidthinteger variable specifying graphics line drawing width
Macrofilestring specifying name of the file containing stored macros
Mainscreeninteger variable indicating which monitor is the main screen
Maxmemlong pseudo-variable containing largest block of free memory
Menufilestring specifying name of the file containing stored menus
Menuflaginteger pseudo-variable containing active menu status flag
Menuidinteger pseudo-variable containing active menu ID number
Mnubarinteger pseudo-variable specifying menu bar height in pixels
Nargsinteger pseudo-variable containing # of args to current macro
Nscreensinteger variable indicating number of monitors detected
Nvdatalong pseudo-variable containing number of entries in VDATA
Nvecslong pseudo-variable containing number of vectors in VECS
Obaseinteger variable controlling default number base for output
Outluninteger pseudo-variable containing current text output channel
Pathstring variable of directories to search for macros and menus
Penwidthinteger variable specifying number of printer dots per pixel
Pflagsinteger variable controlling process run-time options
Prcodesstring list of device dependent printer commands
Prdotsmatrix specifying printer dot patterns for pixel intensities
Prflagsinteger variable controlling printer settings
Prlutarray lookup table for translating intensity values to printer
Promptcharacter string displayed when waiting for command input
Prpageinteger variable specifying number of lines per printer page
Prwideinteger variable specifying width (in chars.) of printer page
Quitstrstring to be executed by QUIT command before leaving CIGAL
Rdhdrstring variable containing text read from data file header
Scrhgtinteger variable specifying screen height in pixels
Scrwidinteger variable specifying screen width in pixels
Secsinteger pseudo-variable with seconds portion of current time
Sflagsinteger variable controlling SKETCH options
Simagepointer to variable containing data for SEARCH, SAMPLE & TRACE
Stacklong array variable providing direct access to CIGAL stack data
Stateinteger variable showing the current execution status of CIGAL
Sysdirstring variable containing pathname of CIGAL system directory
Tabletinteger variable controlling digitizing tablet settings
Tabsinteger variable specifying spacing of tab stops
Unitinteger variable controlling current active display device
Vanishinteger variable specifying graphics 3-D vanishing point
Vdatamatrix of lengths and areas computed by SKETCH command
Vdatfilstring specifying the name of the tempfile for VDATA values
Vec0long variable specifying current first graphics vetor
Vecfilstring specifying the name of the temporary file for vectors
Vecslist of vectors comprising active vector graphics data
Versionreal variable containing current CIGAL version number
Vimagepointer to variable to receive X& Y graphics data
Vmodeinteger variable controlling the video display mode
Vpageinteger variable indicating active lines left in video page
Vplaneinteger variable specifying video memory to use for output
Vwindowinteger variable controlling which screen window to use
Wactiveinteger variable specifying active WATCH variables
Wdevicepointer to variable used for specifying graphics line width
Wflagsinteger variable controlling the use of split screen windows
Windowsmatrix variables controlling the current display windows
Wrthdrstring variable containing text to write to data file header
Yearinteger pseudo-variable containing the current year
YZimagepointer to variable to receive X-Z or Y-Z graphics data
Zdevicepointer to variable used for specifying cursor Z value
Zimagepointer to variable to receive Z value graphics data
Zvalueinteger variable specifying cursor Z value
Adc0Pseudo-variable for reading analog to digital converter
Dac0Pseudo-variable controlling digital to analog converter
Motor1Pseudo-variable controlling peripheral motor device
Sw1Pseudo-variable controlling peripheral switching device

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