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CIGAL Reference Manual, Chapter 4 (Variables): sflags

Sflags -- Integer variable controlling SKETCH options

usage: sflags = value

SFLAGS, an internally defined integer variable, controls options related to how the SKETCH command operates. The value of the SFLAGS parameter can be changed at any time and remains set until it is explicitly modified again. The meaning of the SFLAGS settings are summarized below. Combine levels by adding values.

   Value (octal)  Meaning:
     1      1o    Don't connect points if cursor has jumped; use MOVE
     2      2o    Paint region when cursor gets near starting point
     4      4o    Close loop when drawing gets near starting point
     8     10o    Measure length (& area) at end of each vector list
    32     40o    Don't sound bell while drawing
    64    100o    Use "rubberband" cursor for drawing
   128    200o    Allow cursor positions within menu region. The BACKSPACE
                   key can be used to toggle MENUs on and off.
   256     400o   Connect points in pairs only
   512    1000o   Only one entry per button press
  1024    2000o   Don't erase text screen when starting SKETCH
  2048    4000o   Center text on reference point

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