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CIGAL Reference Manual, Chapter 4 (cursor):

Cursor -- Integer variable controlling cursor options

usage: cursor = value

CURSOR is an internally defined integer variable controlling options related to how the cursor is moved and displayed. The value of the CURSOR parameter can be changed at any time and remains set until it is explicitly modified again.

The low 3 bits of the CURSOR flag specify which pointing devices are present. Currently CIGAL recognizes a Microsoft type “mouse” and/or a digitizing tablet. (For details on how to configure your digitizing tablet see [TABLETS][1] or [TABLET][4].) In addition to the cursor pointers specified in the CURSOR flag, the cursor can also be moved at any time by using the arrow keys on the terminal keyboard (see [KEYBOARD][1]). You can specify as many different pointers as your hardware supports. CIGAL continuously poll each pointer and automatically use whichever is being moved at the time. The higher-order bits in the CURSOR flag specify how the coordinates returned by the cursor pointer are transformed and displayed. The meanings of the CURSOR settings are summarized below.

Combine levels by adding values (values shown are octal):
      1   MOUSE_OUT   Use mouse cursor display
      2   MOUSE_IN    A mouse is available for input
      4   TABLET      A digitizing tablet is present

     10o  IPROC       Show cursor on image processor display
     20o  TERM        Draw cursor on terminal display (if no mouse)
     40o  NOCLIP      Don't restrict cursor to cursor window
    100o  NOCURSOR    Don't display any cursor
    200o  NODRAWOFF   Don't turn cursor display off while drawing vectors
    400o  MAP_INPUT   Map cursor window (^^5) values to fill data window (^^6)
   1000o  MAP_OUTPUT  Map data window values (^^6) to fill display window (^^2)
   2000o  NOMODE_SET  Don't change cursor windows when changing video mode
                        (ignored if MOUSE_IN flag is not set)
   4000o  HORIZ_LINE  Draw horizontal line cursor
  10000o  VERT_LINE   Draw vertical line cursor (Note: Crosshair is 14000o)
  20000o  BOX         Draw box cursor
  40000o  RUBBERBAND  Draw "rubberband" cursor
 100000o  CURSOR_ON   Cursor is currently being displayed (this bit will
                        normally never appear set -- don't change this)

NOTE: When CIGAL starts up it automatically tests to see whether a “mouse” is present; if it is then CURSOR is set to 3. If you have a mouse, then the cursor windows (^^2 and ^^5) will normally be changed automatically when you change video modes, in order to adjust to changes in the mouse coordinates associated with different video modes. This can be suppressed by setting the NOMODE_SET flag.

See WINDOWS(1) for more information on the cursor, data, and display


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