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CIGAL Reference Manual, Chapter 4 (Variables): wflags

Wflags -- Internal variable controlling the use of split screen windows

usage: wflags = value

WFLAGS is a bit-flag controlling whether to switch output to video window 1 during execution of different commands. Each bit in WFLAGS represents a different CIGAL command, if that bit is 1 then window 1 will be used, otherwise window 0 will be used for that command.

The meaning of the bits in WFLAGS is:

          10o   NOERASE  Don't erase when switching to Window 1

          40o   EDIT     Switch to Window 1 for EDIT command
         100o   HELP     Switch to Window 1 for HELP command
         200o   SHOW     Switch to Window 1 for SHOW command
         400o   DIR      Switch to Window 1 for DIR command
        1000o   JOU      Switch to Window 1 for JOURNAL command
        2000o   LIST     Switch to Window 1 for LIST command
        4000o   MENU     Switch to Window 1 for MENU command
       10000o   TYPE     Switch to Window 1 for TYPE command
       20000o   ECHO     Switch to Window 1 for implicit TYPE command
       40000o   ERR      Switch to Window 1 for error messages
      100000o   WATCH    Only use Window 1 for displaying WATCH data

Overall control for switching windows depends on the VWINDOW variable (see VWINDOW(4)). Set VWINDOW to force all output to either window regardless of the settings in WFLAGS.

NOTE: The WATCH command is unusual in that once WATCH has been called to display data values in window 1, then all other commands will print their output in window 0 regardless of their WFLAGS settings, until the WATCH command is inactivated (see WATCH(2)). The WATCH bit in WFLAGS should normally not be changed except by the WATCH command itself.

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