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CIGAL Reference Manual, Chapter 4 (Variables): vwindow

Vwindow -- Internal variable controlling which screen window to use

usage: vwindow = value

VWINDOW is a bit-flag controlling the active video display window (0 or 1). The two video windows are used for text display, with dimensions defined by the internal matrix variables ^^0 and ^^1. Normally, commands and short printed messages are entered and displayed in window 0, whereas longer printed output (such as HELP messages) are displayed in window 1. If window 1 has not been initialized, all text is displayed in window 0.

VWINDOW can be set as follows:

      0         Use window 0; Switch to window 1 as specified by WFLAGS
                   (this is the normal setting of VWINDOW)
    1 or 3      Use only window 1
                   (either 1 or 3 sets VWINDOW to 3 -- see meanings below)
      4         Don't use window 1 -- Use only window 0

 The meaning of VWINDOW is a 3 bit flag of the form:
      0     0/1      Which window (0 or 1) is currently active
      1     0/2      Which window is the default display
      2     0/4      Whether to suppress switching to window 1
                        (1=don't use window 1; 0=allow use of window 1)

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