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CIGAL Reference Manual, Chapter 4 (Variables): prompt

Prompt -- Character string displayed when waiting for command input

usage: prompt = string

PROMPT is an internally defined character string variable. The PROMPT string is printed on the terminal screen whenever CIGAL is in its normal interactive mode and waiting for command input.

The PROMPT string is fixed at 20 characters long. However, the printed message only goes up to the first NULL character (ASCII 0). Therefore, when you enter a prompt message you should be sure to include a final NULL character using a \0 (see STRINGS(1)). For example, to get the standard prompt message you would set:

           prompt = 'CIGAL> \0'

The PROMPT string can be up to 19 characters long. You can change PROMPT at any time and it remains set until you change it again. Suppress the prompt message by setting the first character in PROMPT to a NULL, or by setting the appropriate NOPROMPT value in the FLAGS variable (see FLAGS(4)).

If you use CIGAL for several different purposes (for example, image processing, morphometry, statistics) with a different repertoire of menus and function key assignments for each purpose, you might want to use the PROMPT message as a reminder to which mode you are currently using.

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