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CIGAL Reference Manual, Chapter 4 (Variables): pflags

Pflags -- Integer variable controlling processor run-time options

usage: pflags = value

PFLAGS, an internally defined integer variable, controls several general aspects of CIGAL's operation. The value of the PFLAGS parameter can be changed at any time and remains set until it is explicitly modified again. The meaning of the different PFLAGS settings is summarized below; adding values combines levels. The default value for all flags is 0.

   Value  (octal)    Meaning
      1      1o      Require confirmation before deleting or overwriting files
      2      2o      Always terminate macro on CTRL-C (even if CTRAP set)
      4      4o      Don't pause output between screen pages
      8     10o      Don't trap CTRL-C, terminate CIGAL
     16     20o      Don't start new screen page between commands
     32     40o      Abort macro program on error
     64    100o      Don't switch DEBUG flag from 1 to 3 on <Ctrl>-C
    128    200o      Don't print prompt string
    256    400o      Save function-key, menu and JOURNAL commands in journal
    512   1000o      Don't print warning diagnostic messages
   1024   2000o      Don't pause upon return from OS following '$' command
   2048   4000o      Don't print helpfile message on error
   4096  10000o      Ring bell on error
   8192  20000o      Update display of VIEW variables after every command
  16384  40000o      Wait for interactive input from menu only
  32768 100000o      Ignore system messages and other processes

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