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CIGAL Reference Manual, Chapter 4 (Variables): sysdir

Sysdir -- String variable containing pathname of CIGAL system directory

usage: sysdir = string

SYSDIR, an internally defined character string variable, provides the pathname for the CIGAL system directory. This directory is important primarily because it is where the system startup file, SYSSTART.IMP, is located (see STARTUP(1)). SYSDIR is also used as the default directory for CIGAL's help file (see HELPFILE(4)).

Since SYSDIR is needed to find the startup file, it must be specified before CIGAL begins execution. You can do this under DOS by declaring an environment variable called CIGAL using the DOS command SET, as:

              set CIGAL=\your\CIGALdir\

If you include this SET command in your computer's \AUTOEXEC.BAT file, then you can put CIGAL's system directory anywhere you want and the program will always be able to find it.

You do not need to declare a DOS environment variable if you decide to call the system directory \CIGALSYS on the C: hard disk. This is because the default setting for SYSDIR is:


NOTE: SYSDIR should include the final '\' character because CIGAL simply appends filenames onto the end of SYSDIR to find files.

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