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CIGAL Reference Manual, Chapter 0 (clock):

Clock -- Integer pseudo-variable for counting ticks of the system clock

usage: dest = clock
or: clock = value

CLOCK is a number variable that counts the number of cycles of the computer's internal clock. The value of this variable is set at the moment it is read.

Assigning a value to CLOCK does not store that value in the CLOCK variable, instead it changes the way CLOCK reports the passage of computer time. The following gives the meaning of the assigned value:

      0         - reset the CLOCK count to 0; subsequent values of CLOCK will 
                    be the number of computer clock cycles since this moment.
  VALUE > 0     -
  VALUE < 0     -

See Also:
ALARM(2), DAY(4), HOUR(4), SECS(4), TIME(3), YEAR(4)

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