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CIGAL Reference Manual, Chapter 3 (Functions): TIME

TIME -- Get current date and time, or elapsed time

usage: timebuf = time() ; return time and date
or: time(0) ; reset stopwatch
or: timeval = time(1) ; return elapsed time

TIME can be used either to get the absolute time and date, or to measure elapsed time as a stopwatch. If it is called with no arguments, TIME returns an integer array with 7 elements:

           0    Year
           1    Month (1-12)
           2    Day (1-31)
           3    Hour (0-23)
           4    Minute (0-59)
           5    Second (0-59)
           6    Hundredth (0-99)

If TIME is called with an argument, it functions as a stopwatch. If the argument is 0, the stopwatch is reset to 0. If the argument is non-zero, TIME returns the amount of time elapsed since the last reset (time(0)) call. The elapsed time is returned in seconds as a floating point number.

See Also:
ALARM(2), DAY(4), HOUR(4), SECS(4)

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