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CIGAL Reference Manual, Chapter 3 (Functions):Descriptions of individual functions

Chapter 3 -- Contents

Acceptget data from keyboard, cursor, screen, or current input
Accumcompute a running sum of elements within a variable
Acoscalculate arc-cosine of a variable
Addressget the physical memory address of a variable
Alertdisplay message window and wait for response
Alogcalculate anti-logarithm of a variable
Analyzecalculate frequency distribution of values within a variable
Anglecalculate the angle formed by three points
Areacalculate the area within a polygon
Arrayallocate memory for an array variable
Asincalculate arc-sine of a variable
Atancalculate the arc tangent of a variable or a ratio
Bincombine input values within interval bins
Columnperform arithmetic column by column within a variable
Compresscompress a data variable by removing empty values
Comreadread from serial communication port
Convolveconvolve a variable using a kernel matrix
Coscalculate the cosine of a variable
Dialogget or set menu items in dialog boxes
Fileassign a data file to a pointer variable
Filterperform a non-convolution neighborhood transform of an image
Findvecfind the vector nearest a specified position
Fitfit a straight line to a curve
Flipflip a 2-D variable around the Xor Y axis
Formatconvert data values to character string, specifying format
Getboxget the upper left and lower right coordinates of a box
Getcharread one character from the keyboard
Getfileget a filename from directory lists interactively
Gettxtread text information from the screen display
Getxyzread the cursor position
Getzread the current Z value (from ZDEV or ZVAL)
Importread data from text file
Indexfind the position of a value in a variable
Integerconvert floating point number to integer value
Interpolatecalculate Y values from Xvalues, using a standard curve
Lcaseconvert a character string to lower case text
Lengthcalculate distance between 2 points or along a vector path
Logcalculate the logarithm of a variable
Maklutcreate a ramped lookup table
Mapcopy a variable to another through a lookup table
Maskuse a mask to select part of a variable
Matmulmultiply vectors by a matrix
Matrixallocate memory for a matrix or image variable
Maxfind the maximum value in a variable, or between 2 variables
Meancalculate the mean value of a variable
Measurecalculate the length and area of a vector list
Menuitemget information about menu commands
Minfind the minimum value in a variable, or between 2 variables
Modeget information about a variable's data and storage type
Parseparse a text string into separate words
Perpcalculate the perpendicular intercept from a point to a line
Pointercreate a pointer to a variable
Projectionget a variable's scale, offset, rotation, and pin parameters
Rampgenerate a ramped sequence of numbers
Randomgenerate a random sequence of numbers
Rankdetermine the sorted order of elements of a variable
Remcalculate the remainder after performing integer division
RGBconvert color data formats
Roundconvert floating point value to the nearest integer
Rowperform arithmetic row by row within a variable
Samplesample data values along a vector path
Searchfind 1st image value within given intensity range
Shiftdo bitwise shift of integer data values
Sincalculate the sine of a variable
Sizereturn the number of elements in a variable
Smoothremove kinks by averaging values along a path
Solidallocate memory for a solid variable
Sqrtcalculate square root of a variable
Statsreturn 12 statistics describing a variable
Stdevcalculate the standard deviation within a variable
Sumcalculate the sum of the values within a variable
Sweeprecord a number variable and display as on an oscilloscope
Timeget current date and time, or elapsed time
Tracegenerate vector list by tracing an image intensity contour
Transformcopy a variable with rotation, scaling, and offset
Ucaseconvert a character string to upper case text
Vectorassign values to a vector variable
Vrbxyget XY position within a WATCHed variable
Warpdistort an image by interpolating between fixed points
Xorcalculate an operation on 2 variables
Zoomtransform a variable by pixel replication or ommision
ZprojPerform arithmetic by z-column within a solid variable
()Group operations within an arithmetic expression
==Logical “is equal to” operator
++Auto-increment suffix operator
--Auto-decrement suffix operator
**“Raise to the power” operator
//Join operator
>>Append operator
+Addition operator
-Subtraction operator
*Multiplication operator
/Division operator
>=Logical “greater than or equal to” operator
>Logical “greater than” operator
<=Logical “less than or equal to” operator
<Logical “Logical “less than” operator
!=Logical “not equal to” operator
!Bit-wise complement operator, or Factorial operator
&Bit-wise AND operator
|Bit-wise OR operator
?“Query” operator – gets status of operand

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