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CIGAL Reference Manual, Chapter 1 (Topics): Configure

Configure -- Configuring CIGAL's hardware and software options

CIGAL supports a variety of hardware devices and different software parameter options. By default, CIGAL does not initialize any hardware devices except the keyboard, mouse, and your display window. Other peripheral devices and software settings are initialized via explicit instructions found in user-defined configuration files when you start the program. The sequence of files CIGAL looks for at startup is described elsewhere (see Start-up).

There are several interactive dialog windows to facilitate customization of the program to your needs. These are accessed via the “Settings” menu. They are:

  • Settings → Configuration settings - to specify which devices to initialize
  • Settings → Hardware settings - to specify how you want to use the devices
  • Settings → Scanner settings - to specify how the MR scanner is being used

These interactive configuration dialogs are described in more detail in Configuration Settings.

See Also:
Initialize, Start-up, Data variables, Hardware, Configuration Settings.

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