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CIGAL Reference Manual, Chapter 7 (Hardware): Hardware configuration and use

Chapter 7 -- Contents

CIGAL recognizes many different types of peripheral hardware connected to your computer. In most cases, these can be grouped into different device categories (see below) to allow different physical devices to share common software interfaces. For example, you can connect analog input signals coming from many different hardware devices, but internally the software treats all analog input signals as though they were a continuous list of ADC variables (adc0, adc1, etc.). In general, the software tries to isolate specific hardware-dependent features within the Init commands contained in the Start-up command files run automatically each time you run CIGAL. These start-up command files are typically created or modified using the Configure command.

Currently recognized hardware options:

Digital inputs
GameportgameportButtons on joystick or other gaming device
E-Prime SR-BoxsrboxButtons or pulses from stimulus-response box
National Instruments boardnidigDigital input lines via NI-DAQ hardware driver
Measurement Computing via USBmeascompDigital input/output lines
Analog inputs
National Instruments boardniadcAnalog input lines via NI-DAQ hardware driver
Measurement Computing via USBmeascompAnalog input lines
GE ADC via Serial portgeadcCustomized physio. signal input from GE MRI scanner
Glover ADC via Parallel portpportCustomized A/D input using parallel port control bits
COM - serial portsCOMGeneric serial port input/output
Parallel portpportGeneric parallel port input/output
EyetrackereyetrackerArrington Research streaming eyetracker data

See Also:
Init, Start-up, Configure

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