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CIGAL Reference Manual, Chapter 7 (Hardware): NIDIG

NIDIG - National Instruments digital I/O interface

usage: init nidig boardnum revpol nbits nports doutbits

CIGAL supports National Instrument's NIDAQ-MX library interface capable of controlling a variety of NI data acquisition devices. There are separate INIT commands for configuring analog (NIADC) and digital (NIDIG) communication settings.

The INIT NIDIG call expects the following arguments (default values in []):

  • boardnum [-1] - the device number (this is required)
  • revpol [0] - bitmask to reverse polarity of selected data bits
  • nbits [8] - number of bits per port
  • nports [1] - number of ports
  • doutbits [0] - bitmask indicating which data bits are for output (rest are input)

You can also access some NIDAQ library routines directly in CIGAL using the PRIMITIVE command. A description of the NIDAQ primitive functions can be found in NIPRIMS.

See Also:
NIADC, NIPRIMS,Initialize, Configure

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