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CIGAL Reference Manual, Chapter 7 (Hardware): Gaming Device Interface

GAMEPORT - Gaming device I/O interface

usage: init gameport [Devnum ButtonsperAxis Naxes DigRevPol AlogRevPol]

The GAMEPORT software interface in CIGAL is used for any “gaming device”, regardless of whether it is connected via the traditional 15-pin “game-port” hardware connection or via a USB cable.

Device initialization options for the init gameport command are:

  • DEVNUM – Gaming device number 0,1,2,3,… (default = 0)
  • ButtonsPerAxis – Number of buttons per device axis (default = 4)
  • NAxes – Number of device axes (default = 2).
  • DigRevPol – Digital reverse polarity flag.
  • AlogRevPol – Analog reverse polarity flag. If AlogRevPol != 0, input a/d values will be:

inputval = alogrevpol - valuefromdevice

Hardware installation

Plug your device into either the 15-pin game-port connection or any USB port.

CIGAL configuration

In order for CIGAL to use this device it must be told to look for it via its init gameport command. Usually that is done by using the CIGAL Configure(1) program to put the appropriate Init(2) command into the automatic start-up scripts. To do so, simply start CIGAL, enter the configure command, and click yes when asked if you have a gaming device. (Alternatively you could simply edit your userconfig.imp or sysconfig.imp file if it already exists and manually change the commands in the initialize section.)

Testing the device

[More to come]

See Also:
Initialize, Configure

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