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CIGAL Reference Manual, Chapter 4 (Variables): prcodes

Prcodes -- String list of device dependent printer commands

usage: prcodes = {…; position dependent command sequences }

PRCODES is a list of printer control strings used by the PRINT command. Each string in PRCODES is associated with a particular printer function. Configuring CIGAL to recognize a new printer involves loading the appropriate control sequences for that printer into PRCODES.

The meaning of the strings within PRCODES is position dependent. Some command strings expect arguments, which will be provided at execution time. The special characters '\001' and '\002' are used to indicate where in the command string the argument should be inserted; \001 and \002 will be replaced by the first and second arguments, respectively. The following table describes the function associated with each string:

  String #   Function   Args.    Meaning

     0       RESET               Reset printer
     1       EOPAGE              End of page -- advance to new page
     2       GRAPHICS            Initialize printer graphics mode
     3       EOGRAPH             End of graphics mode
     4       SENDTEXT   (N)      Send block of N text bytes
     5       SENDGRAPH  (N)      Send block of N graphics bytes
     6       SETCURS    (X,Y)    Set printer cursor position at (X,Y)
     7       SETCOLOR   (N)      Set printer color to N
     8       DOT                 Print single dot at cursor
     9       SENDDOTS   (N)      Send block of N dots
    10       MOVE       (X,Y)    Move to new cursor position (X,Y)
    11       DRAW       (X,Y)    Draw line to new cursor position (X,Y)
    12       ULINEON             Turn on underlining
    13       ULINEOFF            Turn off underlining
    14       BOLDON              Turn on bold type
    15       BOLDOFF             Turn off bold type
    16       ITALON              Turn on italic type
    17       ITALOFF             Turn offitalic type
    18       HALFUP              Move cursor half vertical line up
    19       HALFDOWN            Move cursor half vertical line down
    20       SETFONT    (N)      Select character font N
    21       SIZE       (N)      Set font size (height) to N
    22       PITCH      (N)      Set font pitch (width) to N
    23       INITFONT   (N)      Initialize new character font as font # N
    24       LOADFONT            Load new font into printer

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