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CIGAL Reference Manual, Chapter 4 (Variables): gflags

Gflags -- Integer variable controlling vector graphics options

usage: gflags = value

GFLAGS is an internally defined integer variable controlling options related to how vector graphics operations are executed. The value of the GFLAGS parameter can be changed at any time and remains set until it is explicitly modified again. The meaning of the GFLAGS settings are summarized below. Levels can be combined by adding values.

    Value   (octal)  Meaning
      1        1o    Ignore vector projection settings (scale, rotate, offset)
                      and all other GFLAGS options (except 2)
      2        2o    Don't draw vectors (do other mappings if set)
      4        4o    Make Z-value map when drawing vectors
      8       10o    Draw YZ projection
     16       20o    Draw XY as well as YZ or XZ projections
     32       40o    Draw XZ projection
     64      100o    Measure line width along the vector pathway
    128      200o    XOR new pixels instead of replacing them
    256      400o    Use software line drawing routine
   1024     2000o    Sample intensity values along the vector pathway
   2048     4000o    Zoom pixels X 2
   4096    10000o    Zoom pixels X 4
   6144    14000o    Zoom pixels X 8
   8192    20000o    Flip Y axis (within window ^^7) for cursor and drawing

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