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CIGAL Reference Manual, Chapter 4 (Variables): iflags

Iflags -- Integer variable controlling image processor options

usage: iflags = value

IFLAGS is an internally defined integer variable controlling options related to how image processor operations are executed. IFLAGS values provide a way to select hardware dependent options and their meanings will therefore vary for different image processing hardware. The value of the IFLAGS parameter can be changed at any time and remains set until it is explicitly modified again. The meanings of the IFLAGS settings are summarized below; levels can be combined by adding values.

         1        Switch "outmode" to 1 (default 0) for image reading and
                   writing. Mode 0 is faster i/o but display tends to
                   flicker, compared to mode 1.
         2        Use direct memory access (no buffering) for image processor

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