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CIGAL Reference Manual, Chapter 2 (Commands): dmwrite

usage: dmwrite filename varb rtype htxt wtype flag nx ny nz nt
or: dmwrite filename varb rtype htxt wtype flag nx wtype2 ; if FLAG = 6
or: dmwrite filename commentstr 0

Each call to DMWRITE adds one record to the named DMOD file. The records can be any block of data (as specified by VARB) but are generally either blocks of text data or matrices where each entry consists of a single X entry (usually time) and then one or more Xprime entries. To write a record you specify the data to be written (VARB) and a record type (RTYPE), which is user-defined and can be any positive number. The remaining arguments to DMWRITE are all optional (default values are generated from VARB as appropriate):

   HTXT  - a text comment to place in the record header (< 64 characters)
   WTYPE - the word type flag (0=text)

If output file (FILENAME) already exists DMWRITE appends the new record and updates the file's header and index tables.

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