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CIGAL Reference Manual, Chapter 2 (Commands): LIST

LIST -- Display a text file or macro

usage: list fnam phdr lflg pag0 npag pglng lskip llng lmarg pmarg colflg fflg

LIST is used to print out the contents of a text file. You MUST specify a filename as the first argument. If the file is a CIGAL macro program or menu (i.e., with a suffix of '.IMP' or '.MNU') then LIST will search through the list of macro directories specified by the internal string variable PATH to find the file (see PATH(4)). If the file is not a macro or menu, then LIST will expect FNAM to point directly to the file. Generally this will mean looking only in the current directory; however, you can also specify any other valid file pathname.

Note: see FILENAMES(1) for tips on specifying filenames in CIGAL; see REDIRECT(1) for help on redirecting output to disk files or printer.

The remaining arguments to the LIST command control various aspects of the printing display format and are all optional. There meanings are:

 phdr        What to put on the top of each output page.  If PHDR is 0, then no
             page header is printed.  If PHDR is 1, then the file name is used
             as the page header.  If PHDR is a character string, then that
             string is used as the page header.  (Default: 1)
 LFLG        Whether to number the output lines (1:YES, 0:NO). (Default: 0)
 PAG0        Which pages to print (default = 1):
                PAG0 >= 1    the first page to print
                PAG0 =  0    print only even numbered pages
                PAG0 = -1    print only odd numbered pages
 NPAG        How many pages to print. (Default = 0, meaning ALL)
 PGLNG       The number of lines on an output page.  The default is 24 for CRT
             output, and 66 if the output is directed to a disk file.
 LSKIP       The number of lines to skip at the beginning of the file.
             (Default = 0)
 LLNG        The maximum number of characters on an output line.  The maximum
             value allowed is 132.  (Default = 80)
 LMARG       The number of blank characters to leave at the left margin.
             Default = 0.  Note: The margin is not counted as part of LLNG.
 PMARG       The number of blank lines to leave at the top of each page.
             Default = 0.  Note: The margin is not counted as part of PGLNG.
 COLFLG      The number of pages to print in separate columns on each page.
             If COLFLG is < -1, the file will be displayed with -COLFLG pages
             in separate columns within each output page of width LLNG.
             If COLFLG is > 1, the file will be displayed with COLFLG pages in
             separate columns with each COLUMN of width LINLNG or the screen
             width divided by COLFLG, whichever is smaller.  (Default: 1).
 FFLG        Formfeed flag.  If FFLG > 0, formfeed characters in the file will
             be ignored.  If FFLG < 0, entire lines in containing formfeed
             characters will be ignored.  (Default = 0)

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