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CIGAL Reference Manual, Chapter 2 (Commands): FREEZE

FREEZE -- Make current display parameters permanent.

usage: freeze variable [1st_vector last_vector key]

A variable can be 'frozen' with the current rotation, scaling, and translation parameters. Calculating new values using those parameters achieves the freeze', and then replacing the stored data with these new values. For now, this command only works for vector or vector list variables. The vector intensity and line width parameters can also be changed by using the vector color lookup table (^9) and the vector width variable (see LWIDTH(4)). All of these parameters default to values that produce no change (e.g., scale = 1, rotation = 0, translation = 0, LWIDTH = 0 (no effect), and the vector color lookup table is initially a transparent ramp (^9 = RAMP(256))). After using FREEZE you should probably reset these parameters to their default values to avoid confusing results.


        1st_vector      the number of the first stored vector to be
                        recalculated (default = 1)
        last_vector     the number of the last stored vector to be frozen
                        (default = #NVEC, the last stored vector)
        key             only vectors with this key value are modified
                        (default = modify vectors regardless of key value)
                        KEYS:    1  draw to x,y,z
                                 2  move to x,y,z
                                 3  branch point at x,y,z
                                 4  point at x,y,z
                                 6  text
                                10  painted area

NOTE: The macro command VRESET can be used to reset all vector modifying parameters for the VECS variable to their default values.


        rotate vecs 0 0 90
        scale vecs .5 .5 1
        freeze vecs

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