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CIGAL Reference Manual, Chapter 2 (Commands): VIEW

VIEW -- Create a window for viewing a data variable

usage: view variable [xsize ysize format]
or: view variable [x0 y0 xsize ysize format cmdstr helpstr]
or: view variable flag

The VIEW command opens and closes display windows associated with data variables. The most common usage is to create a window that displays the contents of an image variable.

For example, the following commands would create an image variable (32 bit pixels), read a JPEG file into the variable and then display the variable in its own window:

declare global long image mypic
read myfile.jpg mypic
view mypic

If you do something that changes the contents of variable MYPIC, the changes will appear within the display window (see Display notes below). When you want to close the window, enter:

view mypic 0

Display notes:

  • once created, data window dimensions do not change automatically if the dimensions of the data variable change. You may need to close and then reopen the data window to view the resized variable
  • data window displays do not normally update immediately if the contents of the data variable is modified within a macro program – by default, the display will update when the macro program ends. Immediate updating can be turned on by setting the 8192 bit in the process control parameter PFLAGS.

X0 and Y0 can be used to specify the upper left pixel origin of the displayed window.

XSIZE and YSIZE can be used to specify the window size in pixels if the variable is not an image (in which case the size is taken from the current image dimensions)

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