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CIGAL Reference Manual, Chapter 2 (Commands): INPUT

INPUT -- Read graphics image from stored vector file

usage: input [ filename drawing_number firstvec lastvec keyflag ]

INPUT reads vectors from a vector file (FILENAME) into CIGAL. If there is more than one “drawing” in the vector file (see OUTPUT), then INPUT can select any particular “drawing” by specifying the DRAWING_NUMBER option. For example:

        input junk 3

reads the vectors written during the 3rd OUTPUT call to file “junk.vec”.

The first time INPUT is called, the filename must be specified; however, if you want to read successive vector “drawings”, then subsequent calls to INPUT should be made without specifying the filename argument. For example:

        input junk

will read the 1st three vector “drawings” from file “junk.vec”.

The arguments FIRSTVEC and LASTVEC allow you to specify exactly which vectors to read from the vector file (default is to read all vectors in a “drawing”).

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