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CIGAL Reference Manual, Chapter 2 (Commands): SHOW

SHOW -- Display the status of various aspects of CIGAL

usage: show varbname
or: show varbtype
or: show menu menuname
or: show macro
or: show open
or: show pointer
or: show alarm
or: show time
or: show watch
or: show file
or: show window
or: show dialog dlogname flg xscal ypos_scal ysiz_scal

VARBTYPE can be any of the following words:

    define   - show defined strings (see [DEFINE][2])
    number   - show number variables
    string   - show string and string list variables
    array    - show array variables
    matrix   - show matrix variables
    image    - show image variables
    vector   - show vector variables
    solid    - show solid variables
    declare  - show all variables

The SHOW DIALOG command displays the contents of an interactive menu in a text format suitable for re-creating that menu. In other words, if the output of this command is stored in a text file, that file could be read to re-create the entire menu. For this command DLOGNAME is the name of the stored dialog, and the FLG argument has the following meaning (combine by adding):

       1 - only the stored dialog display (i.e., Macintosh DLOG and
           DITL resources) are listed -- otherwise the stored menu
           command and help strings will also be shown (see [MENU][2])
       2 - scale the widget rectangle dimensions appropriately for
           moving the dialog to an XWindows program

The optional scaling factors XSCAL, YPOS_SCAL, and YSIZ_SCAL can be used to resize the dialog display. Note that the vertical widget position and size can be scaled independently (the overall dialog height is scaled using YPOS_SCAL). By default all scale factors are 1.0, but if FLG&2 then XSCAL=1.4 and YSIZ_SCAL=0.9.

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