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CIGAL Reference Manual, Chapter 2 (Commands): ZSCAN

ZSCAN -- Convert 2-D data to 3-D data using data value as Z position

usage: zscan source [ drawflag colorflag storeflag imin width ]

ZSCAN takes a 2-dimensional input (SOURCE) and scans across it, creating a 3-dimensional graphics image. The z coordinate of each vector in the graphics image is the value of the corresponding position in the matrix.

DRAWFLAG determines what type of vectors to draw:

      0     make each vector a point
      1     draw a line connecting adjacent vectors along the x-axis
      2     make each point a vertical line drawn from Z=0 to the new Z value

If COLORFLAG is negative then store the matrix value as the intensity, otherwise use COLORFLAG as the intensity for all vectors (default = -1).

If STOREFLAG is 0 then just draw the vectors, don't store them. The default is to store all vectors. This can be a lot of data for a large image matrix.

Matrix values <= IMIN are not stored; IMIN defaults to 0.

WIDTH is the line width of the vectors that will be drawn (default = 1).

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