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CIGAL Reference Manual, Chapter 2 (Commands): fill

Fill -- Fill a larger variable with many copies of a smaller variable

usage: fill vdst vsrc wrap_flag

FILL copies VSRC to VDST as many times as necessary to fill VDST. If the target variable VDST is a MATRIX, IMAGE, or SOLID, the WRAP_FLAG argument specifies whether to start a each new line of VDST with a new copy of VSRC.

   WRAP_FLAG != 0,   VSRC is copied in its entirety to VDST, wrapping from one
                     line to the next if necessary.
   WRAP_FLAG == 0,   each new line of VDST begins with a new copy of VSRC
                     regardless of the size of VSRC.  (Default: WRAP_FLAG = 0).

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