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CIGAL Reference Manual, Chapter 2 (Commands): WINDOW

WINDOW -- Manipulate display window

usage: window winname flag
or: result = window(winname)

WINDOW can be used to turn screen display windows on or off, or query the window status. The WINNAME argument should be a valid window's name. It is a character string, or the name of a displayed image variable. The FLAG argument can be:

    1 - display the named window (move forward if hidden, or expand icon)
    0 - hide window by converting it to an icon
   -1 - destroy window (only works for user generated image windows)

If the WINNAME argument does not refer to a valid display window, WINDOW has no effect. WINDOW sets the register 0 (r0) variable to the window number upon completion, or to -1 if the named window was not found. To simply test whether the named window exists, WINDOW can be used as a function– in this case, WINDOW does not attempt to change the window status, it just stores the window number in the RESULT variable.

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