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CIGAL Reference Manual, Chapter 5 (Diagnostics): operrs

operrs -- errors

1 QUOTE Quoted string embedded within a word
2 SYMBOL Unrecognized character symbol
3 NUMBER Illegal characters within a number
4 SYMTYPE Mismatch between explicit and declared data type
5 MAXSUBS Too many subscript arguments for data type
6 BADCHARS Unrecognized characters on command line
7 VARNAME Illegal syntax for a variable name
8 PARENS Unbalanced parentheses
9 WORD Illegal syntax for a command line argument
10 FILEENTRY Missing bracket '}' for file entry number
11 ARITHMAX Arithmetic expression too complex
12 UNARYOP Illegal unary operator
13 ARITHARG Arithmetic arguments are out of order
14 AUTOINC Auto increment/decrement out of place
15 DECLARTYPE DECLARE statement has illegal data type
16 ASSIGNCMD Attempt to assign a value to a command name
17 SYMBOLSIZE Name is too long for symbol table (12 chars max)
18 DEFINE Non character argument to a DEFINE command
19 JUMPERR Invalid GOTO, LABEL, NEXT or BREAK statement
20 MACNAME Macro name missing or illegal
21 DEFAULT DEFAULT command not near the start of macro file
22 FILENUMBER File number variable expected (eg., @<numb>)
23 CONTINUE Continued command line exceeds buffer size
24 NUMVARB Can't use indirect varb to specify a number varb
25 IF_WHILE Illegal syntax for IF or WHILE cmd – check spacing
26 DECLDIMENS Dimensions in DECLARE cmd inappropriate for data type
27 OPENTYPE OPEN command requires file type as second argument
28 OPENNAME OPEN command requires file name as third argument
29 WHILE WHILE command syntax error
30 BRACKETS Unpaired brackets: { and }
31 MAXWHILES Too many nested WHILEs (includes submacros)
32 NUMARGS Illegal number of arguments to command or function
33 MENUCMD Syntax error in menu command
34 MENUFORMAT Illegal format in menu declaration
35 NOARRAY Array was expected as argument
36 DEFFUNC Illegal usage of DEFINE'd function
37 AMBIG Ambiguous command abbreviation
38 BADOPERAND Unrecognized char string in arithmetic expression
39 undefined
41 COMMAND Command line too long to parse
42 STACK Stack (internal memory space) overflow
43 RELTBLOFLOW Relocation table overflow during compile
44 REDECLAR Attempt to redeclare a global variable
45 REDEFINE Attempt to redefine a global name
46 FILENAME Missing file name
47 NUMARGS Command requires additional arguments
48 NOGLOBAL Unresolved global data variable
49 SYMOFLOW Symbol table overflow
50 DEFOFLOW DEFINE symbol table overflow
51 DATAOFLOW Data buffers not big enough for calculation
52 COMPLXEXPR Arithmetic expression too complex
53 ARITHSYNTX Syntax error executing arithmetic expression
54 EXPRBUFFER Expression produces an illegal array
55 MISSOPRAND Missing operand in arithmetic expression
56 MODIFIER Subscript or fileentry value not a number
57 CHARASSIGN Invalid character string assignment
58 ASSIGNMENT Attempt to assign to filename or constant
59 EXPANDBUF Attempt to assign values beyond variable length
60 DIMENSIONS Dimension mismatch in assignment
61 HOLDSIZE Expression too complex; insufficient temp. memory
62 STACKFLAGS Corrupted stack: bad macro or symbol table flag (bug)
63 STACKADDR MOVSTK error: illegal stack address (bug)
64 NODATADIR File number error: Datadir string not defined
65 FILEVARB File variable error: illegal filename syntax
66 FILEOPEN File open error
67 FILEDELETE File delete error
68 NOFREECHAN No free i/o channel for file open
69 HELPSYNTAX Illegal syntax for HELP command
70 ARGTYPE Function called with illegal type of argument
71 BUG Internal argument error: check syntax
72 BADHELP Help file open error
73 READERROR Error reading from file
74 PACKEDFILE Attempt to read PACKED file not via READ cmd
75 NESTEDFUNC Function used as argument to another function
76 MAXRECURS Command line argument too complex to evaluate
77 NULLARRAY No length specified for array generator
78 COREADDR Attempt to map variable to illegal memory address
79 EQUIVSIZE Attempt to map a larger variable to a smaller one
80 MREOPEN Attempt to return to calling macro failed
81 FILECLOSE File close error
82 SHORTARRAY Specified array is shorter than expected
83 REOPEN Attempt to reopen file failed
84 RECURSDEFS DEFINE'd string replacement is infinite loop
85 NOADJUST Specified variable not suited for adjustment
86 NOHEADER Header record was expected in data file
87 BADPOINTER Pointer to data structure was expected
88 BADSYMTABLE Symbol table has been corrupted
89 BADSTACK Stack memory allocation list corrupted
90 COMPILECMD Command not legal in compiled macro
91 MACNAME Presumed macro has illegal name
92 CMDOFLOW Macro too large for compiler command table
93 FILEIOERROR Error reading or writing to file
94 GETIPC Error reading compiled macro command
95 BADMENUFLAG Illegal flag used in menu command
96 NOMENU Named menu not found
97 MENUFILE I/O error on menu file (see MENUAFILE(4))
98 MENUOFLOW Menu table overflow; remove menus
99 NOMACRO Named macro not found
100 TOOBIGNUM Explicit number too large (> 2147399935)
101 NOCRTGRAPH CRT Graphics not initialized (see INIT(2))
102 NOSUCHDEV INIT error: no such device
103 ILLEGALMEM MEMNUM error: illegal memory specification
104 IPMEMERR Image Processor illegal memory error
105 PRIMARGS Bad argument syntax for call to function
106 NOFUNC Attempt to call unrecognized function
107 CONVMATRIX Not legal convolution matrix
108 NOTGRAPHMODE Graphics device is not in proper mode
109 BADVALUE Argument value is outside legal range
110 TEXTVEC Vector I/O error: illegal text vector
111 VECSUBSCRIPT Vector subscript out of bounds
112 FILTSPEC Filter operator: varb missing or size mismatch
113 DATATYPE Variable must be of type BYTE or INTEGER
114 COMPLEXPAINT Area is too complex to paint
115 SLOTERROR Error in performing paint
116 VECARITH Syntax or data error in vector arithmetic
117 VECIO Error in reading or writing vector file
118 VECPART Attempt to read or write part of vector file
119 VECTYPE Vector type argument expected
120 ZOOMFACT Can't zoom up and down at same time
121 GMENUERR Illegal graphics menu or help string list
122 NOTINTARG Input must be integer data type
123 SORTDIR Too many filenames to sort
124 NOEXPMEMORY No expanded memory driver found
125 HIMEMALLOC Error attempting to allocate high memory
126 ALLOCATE Error attempting to allocate memory
127 MISMATCH Word size of input and output don't match
128 MAXZONE Specified screen menu zone beyond right margin
129 TMPMEM Error trying to allocate temporary memory
130 EDSIZE Editor buffer size overflow
131 EDLINES Editor overflow – Increase line limit
132 EDACTIVE Previous Editor session still active
133 NOFORMAT No format conversion specified
134 TRANSVECS Op. illegal while vector transforms enabled
135 FILEENTRY Illegal file entry number
136 LOOPOFLOW WHILE/REPEAT loop too long – Compile macro
137 SUBRANGE Variable subscript is out of range
138 RELEASE Variable cannot be released
139 NOTGRAPHICS Screen is in text mode when graphics expected
140 COMPRESS Output variable is not compressible
141 NOPRGRAPHICS No graphics printer enabled (see PRFLAGS(4))
142 SYSMACFILE Can't open (or create) system macro library
143 MACFILEFULL System macro library is full
144 PARTIO Attempting I/O on only part of a data file
145 CLOSEFIRST Must first close system file before reopening
146 OVERWRITE Must delete old macro entry before rewriting
147 NOARRAY Array or matrix variable expected
148 RECSIZE Data width not integral multiple of record size
149 FORMAT Syntax error in format string
150 DECLSYNTAX Syntax error in DECLARE statement (check spacing)
151 PERPSYN PERP syntax expects vector and veclist args
152 NOSIMAGE SAMPLE needs image variable to sample from
153 ODDREC Odd bit count per data line in file I/O
154 ALARMSYNTAX Illegal syntax for alarm command
155 BADAOI Mask area-of-interest outside of variable
156 NOIMAGE Matrix or image variable expected
157 NOSCANNER Scanner driver not found (see INIT(2))
158 SCANDEV Error attempting to load scanner driver
159 SCANSIZE Size of scan variable unknown
160 SCANNER I/O error on scanner device
161 NOMATRIX Matrix variable expected
162 FUNCNAME Function name not recognized
163 NODEV Real-time clock not initialized – see INIT(2)
164 SETRTCLOCK Must set each clock channel separately
165 RTCLOCKNUM Invalid or uninitialized clock chan specified
166 RTCLOCKSETUP Error attempting to set real-time clock
167 RTCLOCK Error attempting to activate real-time clock
168 BADTRIGGER Trigger parameter invalid (or not initialized)
169 NODIALOG Named dialog resource was not found
170 RTIMESPEC Invalid argument in realtime specification
171 RTIMEOP Unrecognized realtime operator specified
172 TEMPFILE Error opening temporary file
173 RTIMEOFLOW Realtime overflow – increase PARADIGM memory
174 RTIMEGOTO Realtime GOTO operator can't find its LABEL
175 VARBEMPTY Data variable invalid or empty
176 RTIMEOPARGS Realtime operator has too few arguments
177 RTIMENOFILE Realtime file i/o op – file not found
178 RTIME_LOOP Realtime REPEAT operator can't find END
179 RTIMEABORT Realtime execution aborted after 50 errors
180 FILECREATE Error attempting to create new file
181 INITERROR Unrecognized device initialization
182 STRINGARITH Using explicit char string in calculation
183 INDIRECT Illegal indirect variable name
184 NOSTRING Character string variable expected
185 SOUNDINIT Error initializing sound devices
186 SOUNDRECORD Error recording sound
187 SOUNDPLAY Error attempting to playback sound
188 BADSCALEFACT REPEATFLAG incompatible with scale factor
189 NOREC Data record not found
190 NOWINDOW Named window not found
191 COMPORTINIT Error initializing serial communications port
192 COMPORTIO Error attempting I/O on serial port
193 NOTDMOD File not in DM format
194 XXPRIMEERR Error in DM X-Xprime data format
195 RTIME_CASE Error in REALTIME case statement (duplicate label?)
196 MEMERROR Attempt to access memory outside of specified variable
197 RESERVED Attempt to declare a variable using a reserved word
198 RTIME_BREAK R_BREAK or R_END used outside of REPEAT or SWITCH block
199 RTIME_BLOCKS Realtime R_REPEAT or R_SWITCH block is missing R_END
200 WRITEERROR Error writing to file
201 DEVNOTREADY Specified device not initialized
202 RTIME_DEFAULT Multiple R_DEFAULT statements in R_SWITCH block
203 MENUTYPE Menu specification doesn't agree with explicit type
204 DDRAWERROR DirectDraw error – argument is error code
205 NOSCREEN No address for display memory
206 IMGLIST Image list variable expected
207 NOIMGLIST Image list variable can't be used in this context
208 RTCINEHDRERR R_CINE or R_FLICKER header allocation error
209 AVIOPENERR Error attempting to open AVI file
210 AVIMAXSTREAMS Exceeded maximum number of AVI streams
212 INCLUDE Error opening INCLUDE file
801 OFFSCREEN Specified point lies outside the screen memory
802 NOFAST FAST GRAPHICS option not selected forGFLAGS(4)
803 BADSTRING Specified character string empty or invalid
804 ZEROVALUE Zero found where non-zero argument expected
805 REPEAT Invalid argument to REPEAT operator
806 LOOP LOOP operator invalid within REPEAT block
807 RANGE Argument value is outside legal range
808 MEMERR Memory buffer overflow

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