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ShowPlay Reference Manual, Chapter 3 (ControlVariables): Contents

Chapter 3 -- Control Variables

backcolorChange the default back color
backimageSpecify which stimulus image to use for background
codeflagSpecify output event coding options
codenamesSpecify output event coding names
codetableSpecify output event code mapping
correctcodeGet correct response code from ID value
disdaqsDisabled data acquisitions
dx1/dy1Horizontal/Vertical center of the subject screen
dx2/dy2Horizontal/Vertical center of the feedback screen
erase_flgSpecify special stimulus erase options
eventcodeUser-defined event codes in stimulus table
eventflagEvent option flag in stimulus table
eye_flagSpecify eye-tracker options
feedbackflagProvide real-time subject response feedback
flipflagSpecify image orientation
fslflagOptions flag for creating FSL schedule files
fsldigitsWhich ID digits to use for FSL schedule files
fslmaskWhich ID bits to use for FSL schedule files
fslschedsString list table specifying FSL schedule files
globalflagValues to add to every stimulus flag
hgtscaleVertical size scaling factor
imagelist1The file containing the stimulus list
output_flagControl naming of output files
paramfileThe file containing the parameter list
pdflgGlobal flag argument to Realtime command
physioflagControl processing of physio data
predelayDelay before waiting for trigger (in ms)
preloadPre-load stimulus flag
preprocflgPreprocess the stimulus list
quitdelayDelay after Quit event before ending (in ms)
resp_flagSubject response control flags
rgbscaleColor brightness scaling factor
sbackcolorThe background screen color
screenflagWhich screen(s) to use for display
saveflagControl what data to save in output files
seeresponsesShow subject responses in real-time
sfrontcolorThe color to use for graphics
showbitsMemory resolution of preloaded images
showdirThe directory containg the stimulus files
showportPort to send codes out to peripheral device
showportflagShowport control flag
showporttimeTime-out in ms before resetting showport value
sk_flagSketching control parameter
sk_dminSketching minimum motion parameter
sk_dmaxSketching maximum motion parameter
sk_tminSketching minimum time parameter
sk_widSketching drawing width parameter
sk_hgtSketching drawing heigth parameter
sk_imagenamSketching background image name parameter
startdelayDelay before starting paradigm (in ms)
startimageSpecify which stimulus image to use before start
stextcolorThe color to use for text
stopdelayDelay after end of last stimulus to end of paradigm
sx0/sy0Horizontal/Vertical center of the display
sweepflagFlag controlling real-time sweep display
sweepintrvlTime interval (in ms) of real-time sweep display
t_rThe scanner TR time (in msecs).
trig_flagExternal trigger flag
trigtypeWhich external signal to use for triggering
widscaleHorizontal size scaling factor

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