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User's Manual Help – JVS programs: CIGAL, fScan, VSync

The on-line user's manual consists of many short topic pages, organized into different chapters. Topic pages that describe specific commands will generally be divided in the following sections:

  • Synopsis - A one line summary of what the command does
  • Usage - A short description of the command syntax and type of arguments it expects
  • Description - A detailed description of different options and what the command does in each case
  • See also - Links to related pages

The on-line manual is stored in Wiki format (DokuWiki) and the master copy is kept on the JVS section of the BIAC web-site ( These Wiki pages can be accessed directly from within the program (fScan or CIGAL) or via a web browser. If your computer does not have Web access, a local copy of the on-line manual (distributed as part of the software package) will be used for on-line help. If you use your local help pages you should periodically download updates from the master Wiki web site using VSync.

See Also:
CIGAL, fScan, VSync

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