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fScan Reference Manual, Chapter 1 (Topics): Contents

Introductory Topics -- Summary List

IntroductionBeginner's guide to fScan
TutorialA tutorial guide to fScan
MenusUsing taskbars and dialogs
ROIsUsing regions-of-interest
TimingHandling reference timing data
BlocksBlock-design analysis
EventsEvent-related analysis
ProgrammingScripting fScan commands
LaunchingLaunching other programs from fScan
ColorMapsUsing color tables
ClipboardUsing the Copy/Paste clipboard
AtlasesUsing atlases
GlossariesUsing glossaries
ListsUsing data lists
ImagesUsing image data
fMRIProcessing 4-D image series
SurfacesUsing 3D surface-reconstructed data
MaskingUsing image masks
ThresholdingUsing intensity thresholding
HistoryData provenance records
DatabaseAccessing database information
CmdLineStarting fScan using a command line
StartUpStart-up processing steps
CmdSummaryList of commands
oldCmdSummaryOld list of commands
InFilesInput file formats recognized
OutfilesSaving data
Workspace FileUsing workspaces
AMPLEAmplitude mapping as percentage of local excitation
CortmapPatient mapping protocol
AligningAligning image data sets
VariablesUsing fScan internal variables
StringSubstString substitutions in interactive commands
RelatedProgramsHandy shell scripts and other programs
DBAXInteracting with the DBAX imaging database web-service
Head motionComments on head motion

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