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fScan Reference Manual, Chapter 2 (CmdLineOptions): display

Display -- Show images on X-window display

usage: -display dev flg panels zoom tnam ncol hdrtxt scal

The DISPLAY command controls fScan's interactive display properties.

* DEV - The DEV argument can be any recognized X host, either by IP address or name (e.g. myhost, or, or 
* FLG - The FLG argument is a bit flag with the following meanings:\\ 
  * 1 - show only one window at a time (<enter> or 'j' to switch) 
  * 2 - onscreen (overrides default OFFSCREEN setting when displaying across a network) 
  * 4 - offscreen -- render 3D graphics to buffer, then transfer to display (default for networked display) 
  * 010 - open all data windows initially (default is to only open if < 10 data sets) 
  * 020 - only display main interactive menu 
  * 040 - don't display any interactive menus 
  * 0100 - don't display window text 
  * 0200 - don't display any windows (for running scripts with embedded interactive commands) 
  * 01000 - turn windows on/off to raise to front (use if window manager does not raise windows properly) 
  * 02000 - flip RGB bytes when creating JPG images 
  • PANELS - PANELS can be used to specify how many rows to use for showing images; the default is to arrange panels in multiple rows (see also '-set showpanes').
  • ZOOM - Zoom factor to be applied to all windows (see also '-set showzoom').
    • ZOOM 0 - no zooming
    • ZOOM 1 - zoom by 3/2
    • ZOOM -1 - zoom by 2/3
    • ZOOM > 1 - zoom by ZOOM factor
    • ZOOM < -1 - zoom by 1/ZOOM factor
  • TNAM - TNAM is a character string to use as a filename prefix when creating TIFF files. The normal filename can be overridden when creating TIFF files interactively. The default prefix is the source file name (INFILE). (See also '-set tiffname').
  • NCOL - NCOL can be used to specify the number of palette colors to use (partially implemented).
  • HDRTXT - HDRTXT is a text string that will be displayed in each window (see also '-set showtext')
  • SCAL - SCAL is the initial intensity scaling factor to be applied to all windows; the default is 0.0, which results in autoscaling (see also '-set allscale')

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