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fScan Reference Manual, Chapter 2 (CmdLineOptions:Expr): detransient

detransient -- Remove transient signals from time series

usage: -expr detransient length [flag]

DETRANSIENT censors out onset transient time course signals in each voxel.
It replaces the first LENGTH time values with the LENGTH+1 value.

  • LENGTH - number of onset time points (or seconds if FLAG&1) to remove (default: 4 secs)
  • FLAG - options (combine options by adding values)
    • 1 - LENGTH value is onset in seconds (default is time points)
    • 2 - Set ACTIVE array flags to 0 for onset transient time points (not yet implemented)
    • 4 - Set ACTIVE flags to 0 for offset (last) time point (not yet implemented)
    • 8 - Only set ACTIVE flags, do not modify time series data (not yet implemented)

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